Hudson River

The Hudson River is the western river that divides New York City from New Jersey. The New York Party Shuttle tours travels along it as we finish the day heading up the West Side Highway. Since Henry Hudson’s first journey upstream this water highway has proved itself an integral life vein not only to the city but also to the entire country.

On September 12, 1609 Henry Hudson, an English explorer set off to find the infamous Northwest Passage. What he found instead was the lush and vibrant Hudson River Valley. His description of the valley and the rich fur trade aided the Dutch decision to create a settlement at the joining of what would one day be called the Hudson River (it was originally called the North River), and the East River. The river begins in the Adirondack Mountains at Lake Tear of the Clouds.

As the city developed the Hudson River became a vital conduit to the interior of the country. With the development of the Erie Canal, the Hudson connected New York to America’s vast Midwest, ensuring it remained one of the United States’s greatest commercial ports. At the finish of the canal New York celebrated with grand processions, parades, and fireworks. The over one hundred thousand spectators was the largest gathering yet seen in North America.

Today the Hudson River is still used for trade, but also provides some of New York’s most fascinating tourist sites. In Lower Manhattan Riverside Park provides views of both the Harbor and New Jersey. Further up, at 23rd St, the Chelsea Piers offer a golfing range, bowling, an ice skating rink, and more. This can be a good idea to take the kids on a rainy day. And at Pier 83 the Intrepid is a fascinating museum offering a unique look at the United States military history.