Trinity Church

Trinity Church used to be one of the towering buildings in the early days. Now, it’s been lost in the office buildings built next to it. It is one of New York’s most famous house of worship because of its elaborate architecture and setting. It is one of the wealthiest churches of all the parishes.

When it was made in 1705, it took up 215-acre of land that extended from west Broadway between Fulton and Christopher Streets. Although now the parish does not own the entire area, it still owns a number if real estate. These include: 27 buildings with 6 million square feet of commercial space.

The church is 79 ft wide and 166 ft long. It’s tower, including the spire, stands about 281 feet off the ground. The exterior was inspired by the Gothic art and is made out of brownstone. Inside the church houses a small museum. Its churchyard is about two acres among the small number of unpaved spots in the Financial District. There are old gravestones and statues of angels and grinning devils that leave lasting impressions.